Blink Funding

Once I pass the Assessment am I provided with a demo or live account for my Live Account?

Once you pass the Assessment, we provide you with a live account, backed by our capital. The capital in your Live Account is notional and may not match the amount of capital on deposit with the Broker. A Live Account is notionally funded when actual funds in the account (i.e., the equity in a Live Account represented by the amount of capital) differs from the nominal account size (i.e., the size of the Live Account that establishes the initial account value and level of trading). Notional funds are the difference between nominal account size and actual capital in a Live Account.

Use of notional funding does not change the trading level or that the account may trade in any manner differently than if notional funds were not used. In particular, the same conditions and rules applicable to a soft breach, hard breach, Daily Loss Limit, Max Trailing Drawdown, stop loss and position limits apply.

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